Finance transformation with analytics

Finance transformation with analytics

Laura Timms is Product Strategy Manager at MHR Analytics and a ‘data maturity’ advocate, supporting organisations to advance their data journey. Her…

Data And Analytics For Finance Business Results

Today many businesses are challenged in transforming their data into insights. Gartner reported that over 80% of analytics solutions did not deliver business results and just 20% of the analytics initiatives have achieved scale.

To avoid analytics failures, organizations are looking for best analytics practices that offer prescriptive, superior, and reusable guidance so that analytics solutions can be deployed successfully.

This 1hour & 30 Mins talk which was based on Dr.Southekal’s latest book ANALYTICS BEST PRACTICES provided key enterprise data analytics best practices to successfully deliver analytics initiatives to deliver finance business results. In addition, he discussed a case study on how data and analytics was applied in revenue forecasting.

After watching this high value webinar, if you decide to excel in data and analytics for brining outstanding finance business results in your organization, then you can enroll for our upcoming virtual training program using the below link.

Finance Transformation Roadmap By Finance Analytics Institute USA

You can learn in 10 mins how to transform your finance function from average to world class using this roadmap.

Models used in above presentations are taken from Finance Analytics Institute USA (

PwC Finance Transformation

Move from transactional processing to strategic, actionable insights. PwC’s expertise, services and solutions help you accelerate your finance transformation, no matter where you are on your journey.

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Process areas that matter for Finance Transformation

How do companies combine process and technology to achieve #finance transformation? Join Matt Pencek and Mark Woodward as they discuss the top areas to focus on.