FPT Smart Cloud drives productivity for Home Credit Vietnam

FPT Smart Cloud drives productivity for Home Credit Vietnam

Le Hong Viet, CEO of FPT Smart Cloud, discusses partnering with Home Credit Vietnam to enhance productivity and reduce OpEx with the leading AI solutions.

This Device Could Save Your Entire Smart Home!

Today we are taking a look at a device that could potentially save you and your Smart Home from thousands and thousands in water damages! The Sonic Leak Detector by Hero Labs is a really cool device that can automatically alert and protect you against small leaks all the way up to burst pipes and has some other really great features that make it stand out from the crowd!

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Apple WWDC 2023 – Smart Home Recap

Here’s all the smart home related announcements from WWDC 2023!


iOS 17 Preview https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-17-preview/

iPadOS 17 Preview https://www.apple.com/ipados/ipados-17-preview/

tvOS 17 Preview https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2023/06/tvos-17-brings-facetime-and-video-conferencing-to-apple-tv-4k/


Products Seen in Video:

Apple TV 4K https://geni.us/AppleTV4k3
HomePod (2nd Gen) https://geni.us/HomePodNew

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0:00 Chapters
0:24 WWDC 2023
0:55 Smart Home at WWDC
1:08 No more HEY SIRI
1:40 Standy
2:12 iPad Widgets & Lock Screens
2:35 Find My Remote
3:12 Apple TV Updates
4:00 AirPlay Updates
4:31 Apple Home History
5:03 Conclusion


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The Smart Home is Changing! What YOU Need to Know

There are some big changes coming to the smart home that will affect what smart devices you buy. Matter is a new smart home protocol created by over 200 companies, including Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and more. Soon you will be able to move between Apple’s HomeKit to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, without any problems. It will be nice when everything works together. But you need to be aware what you buy now so you are not wasting your money. Matter certified devices are right around the corner. So check out the companies I talk about in this video. Aqara, Philips and others are bringing Matter to their devices.

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�� Apple TV 4k vs Fire TV Cube! Which Should YOU Buy? – https://youtu.be/5mP3sAbuLxs

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00:00 Introduction
00:34 What is Changing – Matter is Here
03:08 Companies Supporting Matter – Philips Hue
04:06 Aqara Hub gets Matter
04:38 IKEA’s New Hub Dirigera
05:26 Nanoleaf Essentials & Matter
06:23 Apple & Matter
07:17 Google & Matter
07:45 Amazon & Matter
08:38 Recommendations
09:26 Smart Lock not getting Matter now
10:43 Consider Apple’s HomeKit

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The Best (Secure) Cloud Storage for 2023

�� MEGA: https://geni.us/MOeEBdzhjCg-1
�� iDrive: https://geni.us/MOeEBdzhjCg-2
�� pCloud: https://geni.us/MOeEBdzhjCg-3
�� Sync.com: https://geni.us/MOeEBdzhjCg-4
�� IceDrive: https://geni.us/MOeEBdzhjCg-5

�� Best Cloud Storage for 2022: https://youtu.be/eaIreWctuAg
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There are miles better options for secure cloud storage than Google, Apple and Microsoft. And ones that won’t hand out your data on a silver platter to governments if requested to! So in this video, I will share 5 secure cloud storage options that you might not know about!

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–SMPOST–5 SECURE Cloud Storage Apps You Probably Didn’t Know Existed